Trick or Treat – EDT Podcast with Valerie Terry and Paul Tuell

It’s another exciting week of eating and drinking in one of the nation’s busiest event towns. While Carolyn is off in the from tundra of Iceland, Rick has been busy getting ready for America’s most popular drinking holiday. Actually, Halloween falls in behind St. Patrick’s and New Year’s in terms to alcohol consumption, but what’s more fun than dressing up as someone else and consuming pumpkin-spiced (or chocolate-infused) drinks.

As I learned from my guests, Saturday is chock full of ways to combine socializing with spooky, starting with an all-day shopping party at Work the Metal in Butchertown. Valerie Terry tells us why shopping is a perfect holiday adventure. Ballotin Whiskey’s Paul Tuell has concocted some special recipes, and they do involve chocolate-flavored whiskey, for the event. He’s also leading us to the St. Matthews Bar Crawl, with 11 establishments participating in the event.

Still, the biggest event coming to these parts is next week’s Equestricon, a world-class trade show being held for the second time ever Oct. 29-30, coinciding with next week’s Breeders Cup. Also, David Danielson’s takeover of the Old Stone Inn in Simpsonville becomes official when it opens for business Oct. 26. Have you noticed all the activity at 2nd and Liberty? That’s where the long-anticipated sports bar/restaurant concept Griff’s is inching its way toward an opening date.

Our friends at Fourth Street Live! aren’t missing out on the Halloween craziness. The venue’s Wicked Wonderland party on Saturday is offering up four $1,000 prizes for the best costumes. Thanks for tuning in to EatDrinkTalk.

Bill Brymer photo

Bill Brymer Photo

Bill Brymer Photo

Sippin’ Forever in Blue Jeans, with Jason Smith and Paul Tuell

There’s plenty of eatin’ and drinkin’ to talk about in Louisville, and Washington, so let’s get right to it. Carolyn traveled to our nation’s Capitol on business, and feasted at Succotash, owned and operated by our own Edward Lee. At another stop, she came face to eye with a fish, she ordered the catch of the day, and was a bit uncomfortable with its presentation.

Around here we noticed that the new version of the old Kaelin’s on Newburg Road is now hiring, the last step before the new 80/20 Kaelin’s opens there. Flavour is the new restaurant in the Highlands, a Caribbean/Creole spot, taking the place of Asiatique, which closed just a few weeks ago. Rick visited a one-year-old restaurant on West Broadway, Angie’s Home Cooking, which is where you would go if you were looking for good meat loaf.

Our guests made us a succulent sipper – the “Forever in Blue Jeans” special in honor of the Denim & Diamonds fundraiser, coming June 1. Paul Tuell used his Boubon Ball Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, with a blueberry sauce and ginger beer, to make the special concoction. Jason Smith, the GM at Gordon Biersch, explains how his work for the Parkinson’s Support Center is a chance to give back to the organization that helps those with Parkinson’s. Jason, who has Parkinson’s himself, recruits some of the city’s top chefs to donate their time for the event.

Paul Tuell, Jason Smith, Carolyn McLean and Rick Redding

Off The Road with Steve & Rick; How Kevin Grangier Fights Boredom; Why Spicewood is Shutting Down with Jeff Stum

Both Steve and Rick were on the road last week, enjoying the finest in drinking and dining in New York and Michigan. But there is plenty going on back home, including news that chef Edward Lee (610 Magnolia, MilkWood) is cooking up a new concept and location in Louisville. The news is also good for consumers along Goss Ave., where Steve enjoyed stops at the new Germantown Craft House and The Pearl. Steve also describes some highlights from his trip to New York City, including stops at two of the estimated 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan. Meanwhile, in Michigan, Rick took in a Tigers game and notes the excitement of downtown Detroit.

In Kevin Grangier, Steve’s guest, Louisville has one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the dining industry. Steve asks Kevin how he’s able to operate three relatively new concepts, including the just-opened Kevin’s Picnic in Anchorage. Rick’s talk with Jeff Stum of Spicewood Branding details the products that company has brought to market, although Jeff explains that it’s time to shut down Spicewood so he and partner Paul Tuell can focus most of their efforts on their own brand, Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

As always, we talk about some great new hotspots in town, and the place to be on Saturday — the Bourbon Mixer. Be sure to check out more news about food and drink


Kevin Grainger is the creator of Village Anchor, Le Moo and Kevin’s Picnic


Jeff Stum of Spicewood Branding

Buck’s and Ballotin Make Tasty Collaboration

The concept of chocolate-laced fine dining isn’t something you pass on. So when Carolina Knop invited me to join a group for last night’s Five-Course Dinner at Buck’s in Old Louisville, I quickly said YES.

Chef Colter Hubsch

Chef Colter Hubsch

I’ve made maybe a half-dozen trips to Buck’s over the years, and always enjoyed the atmosphere — the ornate bar, the white flowers, traditional tables and wonderful piano music from Rick Bartlett.

The challenge for chef Colter Hubsch was to create five delectable dishes that could be made using traditional Chocolate, Caramel Turtle, Chocolate Mint and Bourbon Ball — the four Ballotin Whiskey flavors. And while my palate didn’t necessarily taste the chocolate in each dish, it was definitely present.

The evening’s festivities included an introduction of each course by Hubsch, a young chef who obviously put forth his best effort in creating dishes to pair with the chocolate whiskey and including fresh tomatoes, pecan-encrusted shrimp, Carpaccio, pork belly and even the bacon-laced ice cream at dessert.

EDT #2 – Cheers with Willett’s Drew Kulsveen and Paul Tuell of Ballotin

With our inaugural EatDrinkTalk podcast behind us, we launch into episode 2 with an abundance of Louisville restaurant and drinks news to discuss. We even talk about how to behave at soft openings. (Didn’t know you’d get a manners lesson, did you?)

This week’s show starts with a discussion of the big news this week: Bristol Bar & Grille in Prospect was not allowed by Kroger, its landlord, to renew its lease after being a great tenant for 10 years. That means this venerable restaurant will close May 29. Rick and Steve discuss why this happened and who they think might fill in that blank space.

EDT Founders Rick and Steve at the 3rd Turn

EDT Founders Rick and Steve at the 3rd Turn

We then move straight on to drinking as Steve interviews Drew Kulsveen, master distiller at Willett Distillery in Bardstown. Merely hoping to learn what new ryes and bourbons were aging in Willett’s rickhouses, Steve instead discovered a massive construction effort underway to add a bed and breakfast in, new visitors center, restaurant and grist mill to the historic property. Rick then talks to Paul Tuell, the branding mastermind behind the line of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskeys. The guys chat about the brand’s creation and the many, many cocktails and foods you can flavor with these delicious products.

Let us know what you think of the show by emailing or And while you’re at it, sends us tips and tidbits about restaurant and bar news items, really cool restaurant personalities we should interview or your favorite places to eat and drink in Louisville!

Drew Kulsveen

Drew Kulsveen

Paul Tuell

Paul Tuell



Visit Buck’s for May 24 Ballotin Whiskey dinner

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Visit Buck’s Restaurant and Bar on Tuesday, May 24, when executive chef Colter Hubsch creates a four-course dinner paired with four flavors of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey.

“For this dinner, I wanted to explore the ability of this product and how it can be used in savory food dishes as well as a drink,” Hubsch said.

Ballotin Whiskey owner Paul Tuell is honored to partner with Buck’s for the event.

“Buck’s has been the go-to restaurant for special occasions in Louisville for nearly 25 years,” Tuell said in a news release. “We are very excited to team up with Buck’s and Chef Hubsch to create a night that lives up to the beauty, hospitality, and culinary creativity that are Buck’s hallmarks.”

The menu for the evening:

  • Ballotin Chocolate, paired with tomato salad with local tomatoes, queso fresco, fresh veggies and a Ballotin Chocolate balsamic vinaigrette
  • Ballotin Turtle, paired with pecan breaded shrimp with a sweet and sour sauce and fresh herb salad
  • Ballotin Bourbon Ball, paired with smoked certified Angus beef tenderloin carpaccio with local microgreens tossed in a Ballotin Bourbon Ball and shallot dressing
  • Ballotin Chocolate Mint, paired with pork mole (roasted and smoked pork belly) with a Ballotin Chocolate Mint mole, smoked in a corn husk
  • Ballotin Flight with house-made ice cream

Make your reservations today by calling 502-637-5284 or email

The evening begins with a 6:30 p.m. cocktail reception, followed by dinner at 7 p.m. Cost for the meal is $65 per person plus tax and gratuity.