EDT Podcast: Forecastle Sets Sail with Bourbon Lodge in Front

Carolyn and Rick have been keeping a busy schedule eating and drinking around town, all so we can talk about it here on the EatDrinkTalk podcast. We start with Carolyn’s Eat of the Week, which she found in Westport Village at the Artesano Tapas spot. She gives the Ole Restaurant Group spot high marks for some succulent lunch dishes.

Rick went all the way to Nashville to discover that city’s equivalent of the ‘Ville’s own Seafood Lady. It was not fancy, just mouth-watering seafood (lobster, shrimp) served in styrofoam containers.

It’s Forecastle Week in the ‘Ville, and while concert-goers savor the sounds of the likes of Jason Isbell and Arcade Fire, many end up in the air-conditioned comfort of the Bourbon Lodge. Liquor Barn’s Brad Williams traces the evolution of the attraction, which has become a big event in the bourbon world, thanks to the keen interest in the project by founder J.K. McKnight. Williams says the Rarities Bar is a treasure to bourbon aficionados, with plenty of bottles you won’t find elsewhere.

We got an early look at Louisville Magazine’s Best of Louisville awards in restaurants, and have some nits to pick with the choices. And Carolyn had a chance encounter with Mitch McConnell, who has experienced unpleasantness on a few recent trips to local restaurants.

Thanks to our sponsor, Fourth Street Live!, which is gearing up for the Nelly concert August 3 and is welcoming the new Pizza Bar to the Street.

Brad Williams hosts the Bourbon Lodge at Forecastle

Carolyn’s Eat of the Week from Artesano Tapas

Tasty Independents with Gary Fox; Liquor Barn’s Brad Williams Updates Forecastle’s Bourbon Lodge

Exactly how many restaurants are opening up in July in Louisville? That’s the question of the moment as Steve and Rick dive into the booming dining scene. Steve’s original story, posted Tuesday at EatDrinkTalk.net, listed seven, but we’ve come up with a few more. And we note that most of them are casual spots, reflecting a potential trend away from fine dining. Also we are noticing plenty of change around town – including at Whiskey Row, where those ugly stanchions have come down and a new banner proclaims businesses will open there in 2017, including a new Old Forester distillery.

Steve is happy to see that Beth Burrows, a great bartender at Down One, got a nice new job withJim Beam. And he’s looking forward to next week’s Harvest dinner featuring pairings with special beers from Sierra Nevada. Plus there’s news about New Albany’s restaurant scene and the Gospel bird, Ed Lee’s new place in D.C. and a menu change at Corbett’s.

Rick and Steve both happened to stop in at The Hub in Clifton to experience amazing drinks — the Hey Babe for Steve and Rick’s Summer Shandy with Bourbon. Steve talks about the scrumptious pimento chess stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates there. Rick’s favorite bite of the week was the Parmesan Garlic fries at Manny & Merle’s.

Both of us are looking forward to Sunday Taste of Independents, where we will sample dishes from 30 local chefs in a benefit for Apron, Inc., the non-profit that supports restaurant workers. Steve talked with Gary Fox, the leader of that organization, about the big party and what Apron does for the industry. In looking ahead a week to Forecastle, Rick got the inside scoop from the Liquor Barn’s Brad Williams, who is sponsoring and serving up spirits in the event’s air-conditioned Bourbon Lodge.


Liquor Barn’s Brad Williams


Apron’s Gary Fox


A look at Whiskey Row, this week