40 Years in Beer (Book II) Part 47: A “special vacation” with Kölsch, Altbier and Roggenbier (1993)
Previously: 40 Years in Beer (Book II) Part 46: Expansion culminating in espresso and the Red Room in 1993. Our “special vacation” in 1993 (as you might guess, the more common term for such an excursion was “honeymoon”) lasted almost the entire month of July and included stays in Germany, Denmark, Slovakia and Austria. In our absence, Rich O’s BBQ was capably tended by Amy’s sister Kate, everyone’s favorite server Stephen, and whomever else was available to pull duty. Our condo was up top, with the veranda. Burkhard and Kay graciously invited us to stay for two weeks at their condominium in Seibersbach, a small town in Germany near the Rhine River. Their condo was situated directly above a bakery, resulting in unavoidably aromatic 3:00 a.m. wakeup calls and delightful daily breakfasts. Burkhard was in Europe on business, and met us at the airport in Frankfurt to provide a hair-raising lesson in autobahn transit. After a few days alone we were joined by friends, and a series of day trips took place: Trier and the Mosel River; the overlooked gemstone city of Idar-Oberstein*; scenic Heidelberg; and a beer-soaked Rhine cruise. The regional bus network usually sufficed to get us to the nearest train station in...Read more