40 Years in Beer, Part Eight: The origins of a European travel (and beer) obsession
Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Seven: The K & H Forever (Heartland Adagio). In August I’ll be 62, and I’ve no idea how it happened. At a time when so many of my high school friends are talking about retirement, I’m busier now than at any point since my departure from daily responsibilities at the New Albanian Brewing Company in 2016. In fact, the past four months have been an absolute blur. There was a time when such disorientation might have been the result of purposeful dissipation, but no longer. If I’ve been intoxicated at all since the beginning of 2022, it’s been once, maybe twice. The birth of Common Haus Hall in Jeffersonville, where I’m tending to the beer program, has been like putting an ocean liner out to sea, requiring a great deal of time and tender loving care. Meanwhile ...Read more