40 Years in Beer, Part Nineteen: Moscow skyline in twilight, 1989
Spliced-together panorama of Moscow in July, 1989 from atop the since demolished Hotel Rossiya. Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Eighteen: In Ostrava, the beer of the people at the factory gates. In the autumn of 1989 my travels led me back to lovely Prague, where I’d started the trip in June, back when the lovely continental weather encouraged t-shirts and tables in the shade. Now in September there was a nip in the air even on sunny days, and the locals already were bundling up. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t even considered the need for a winter coat. At least Prague’s classic pubs stayed toasty, and the Czech beer was as good as ever. They were quiet places awash in venerable wood conditioned by decades of cigarette smoke, hushed like libraries, with clusters of drinkers seated at long tables conferring in low voices, almost whispering. Summer ...Read more