<div>40 Years in Beer, Part Seven: The K & H Forever (Heartland Adagio)</div>
1987: Pam, who bartended at the K & H. Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Six: The K & H Forever (Lanesville Prelude). Americans weaned on a diet of rugged individualism are often confused, and at times confounded, by what can be accomplished by when people work together toward a common end. In my early twenties, affiliated lessons on the nature of community spirit and cooperation came to me in a neighboring town, while I was seated on a barstool. As proof of what the Reidys in Louisville have been saying at their Irish Rover eatery ever since I’ve known them, it was a case of the pub as a poor man’s university. The precise reasons why the K & H Café became my Lanesville “local” include these many preceding ruminations about the town and its people, as well as a few other factors long since forgotten. It’s conceivable that I might have picked Circle Bar, a few yards down the street, except it never felt quite as comfortable. The Circle was a few steps away from the K & H, but I went there only a handful of times. Let the record indicate the huge formative influence of the K & H. Along with Scoreboard...Read more