40 Years in Beer, Part Sixteen: In 1988, I had a slightly better year than Michael Dukakis
In 1988, Barrie Ottersbach and I often coincided. Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Fifteen: A clash of titans (with Elephant Beer) in Copenhagen, 1987. Returning briefly to our contemporary era from distant 1988, we find a calendar page has turned. It is 2023, and as oft times before, my reach has exceeded my grasp. Specifically, this ongoing account of one man’s career in beer is nowhere close to completion. That’s on me. Documenting my past has been slow going, primarily because the present—including jobs at Pints&union, Common Haus Hall and Food & Dining Magazine—is keeping me busy. This is good, and I’m very grateful to be working when so many of my friends are nearing retirement. Just as importantly, a few months back it finally occurred to me that what I’m doing with these sporadic “career in beer” essays is writing a book, albeit a little at a ...Read more