40 Years in Beer, Part Ten: When friends actually did let friends drive drunk
Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Nine: The point of know return. It has taken me a long while to understand that it usually takes me a long while. To understand. I’m a slow learner and a late bloomer. A few dollops of good luck have helped. Nowadays, looking back, it seems that those times when I found myself genuinely ahead of “the curve” were few and far between. Thankfully beer was one of those rare occasions. The “40 Years in Beer” series recalls how my inadvertent career in beer came to be. There were very few “eureka!” moments; rather, dozens of small, incremental insights accumulated to produce a pathway, beginning during the 1980s and continuing to the present day. At the beginning in Louisville and Southern Indiana there weren’t very many of us playing the good beer game. We made up the rules as we went along, and after a while I became good at it. Consequently I’m proud to have been out in front of something, even if it didn’t ......Read more