40 Years in Beer, Part Thirty-Three: Herzlich Willkommen in der Weltbierkulturerbe-Stadt Bamberg
Altstadt (the old town) in Bamberg, via Wikipedia. Previously: 40 Years in Beer, Part Thirty-Two: Vienna’s “Old Whisky Malt Waltz,” a precursor of beer revolutions to come. Keyboardist Robert Lamm of the venerable pop-rock band Chicago generally is regarded as one of his generation’s finer pop-rock songwriters, which utterly fails to explain his choice of words in the chorus of “Forever” (1986). Forever is a long, long time. Longer than we ever realize. Forever is a long, long time. I’m gonna love you the rest of my life. Forever. Trite much? Earth to Robert: Of course forever is a long time—got anything else? On the bright side, this song’s horn arrangement, which is positioned as an instrumental bridge, actually is an improvement on Chicago’s usual 1980s synth-driven standards (please don’t ask me how I know all this), and if I’m to be charitable, perhaps ...Read more