From NA Confidential on June 22, 2018. In retrospect, one part of this equation that I didn’t anticipate was Jeff Gahan’s eagerness to kneecap his own downtown business community via discretionary construction projects timed for his greatest electoral advantage. But here we are. — In my Thursday column, I reproduced a letter published in the newspaper, and in doing so I restored a paragraph … ON THE AVENUES: Government Lives Matter, so it’s $10,000,000 for Gahan’s luxury city hall clique enhancement. Happy dumpster diving, peasants!  … that had been excised at the direction of the editor. City hall’s relocation addresses Jeff Gahan’s pathological hatred of uni-gov. He’d secede from the county if allowed, and he’d relocate HQ to a suitably luxurious pole barn if one existed. Plainly, the aim is political preservation for Gahan and Democrats, and Reisz is just one move in a chess game to stave ...Read more