I’m participating in an evolving venture called The Pubcast, described more specifically as a podcast that takes place in a pub (Donum Dei Brewstillery off Grant Line Road in New Albany). We’ll be doing our first “live” pubcast at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 16 March — Day 1 of Donum Dei’s St. Patrick’s weekend celebration. The public is welcomed to flood the joint. First, let’s begin in the beginning, all those years ago, by ignoring my burgeoning affinity for bars even prior to turning 21, and focus instead on a central reason why bars – taverns, pubs, watering holes and the like – became my favored habitat once I was of legal age, and was at long last unconcerned with being snagged in an alcohol police dragnet, thus being able to enjoy what I was drinking, and with whom I was speaking. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed barroom conversations. You’d start chatting with someone you didn’t know, and it might be fascinating, or not. Most often I learned something. By and large, I respected my elders, so whenever there was an ......Read more