A reminder: “Welcome to the last will and testament of NA Confidential”
15 December 2022 Preface: I’ve been asked if I would consider getting back into the game, resuming my role as dissident, once again speaking truth to power, and as before elucidating the many reasons why New Albany doesn’t have to be this way. Alas, the municipal dysfunction that urged my “retirement” from civic affairs in winter 2021 remains viral and rampant, which is to say that I cannot return without risking the same old reprisals from our small pond’s biggest fish. As a friendly aside, if during the past 12 years you’ve been conniving, conspiring and collaborating with Jeff Gahan’s smoke, mirrors and pretend-progressive chicanery – if you’ve been a craven and servile boot-licker, sycophant, joy-rider and tub-thumper for Gahan’s outsider cash infused political patronage system – then chances are I’m not the guy to ask for a favor when it comes to calling out City Hall’s latest example of insular bait ‘n’ switch idiocy. As a reminder, here’s why, as ......Read more