A Stroll Down Restaurant Memory Lane

Covid, Delta, Omicron, BA.5, bah! Sometimes it seems as if the pandemic will never end. In fact, the experts say, it’s more likely to shift from pandemic to endemic status, which isn’t much better since it’s essentially acknowledging that it will always be around, like the flu or common cold.

While in some ways the pandemic has shown the resilience of the restaurant business, I sometimes wonder, too, how long that can last. We’ve lost too many  favorite places, and those that remain are struggling with rising costs and shortages of both labor and food. Everyone is tired of Covid. Hardly anybody wants to wear a mask any more.

And yet, with the latest variants pushing Louisville back into the scary red zone, it’s all too tempting to skip dining out for a while, or at best to grab takeout or have something delivered to the relative safety of our homes.

It’s not a happy scene, and rather than dwell on it further – we all know too well what’s going on – I decided to spend some time this week escaping Covid-driven frustration with a trip down Memory Lane.

What was I doing on the restaurant scene 10 years ago this month? Perhaps revisiting my views of Louisville dining back when the biggest worries on our minds were, well, continuing recovery from the Great Recession and whether Obama could old on for a second term. At least those things weren’t contagious.

Gas prices were only about $2.60 ...Read more