Barn 8 Delivers Culinary Treats In A Delightful Farm Setting

If you haven’t made your way out to Barn 8 Restaurant at Hermitage Farm in Goshen, take my advice: You ought to give it a try soon. You’ll be glad you did.

Walk in the front door of the black, red-trimmed former horse barn on U.S. 42, and one of the first things you see will be a small painting of local art enthusiast and 21c hotel founder Steve Wilson, showing a big smile and his trademark red glasses.

Yep, Barn 8 is related by family to Proof on Main, 21c’s much-lauded downtown eatery. I might not call Barn 8 “Proof East” or “Proof in the countryside,” but it’s fair to point out the similarities, and there are plenty of them.

Both restaurants give more than lip service to regional farm-to-table dining, particularly to respected local farms for meats and produce. Both restaurants also reach beyond the local area when it makes sense to seek out quality, such as Proof’s Ōra King salmon from New Zealand and Barn 8’s Riverence farmed trout from Idaho and Washington State.

You’ll find plenty of Steve Wilson’s beloved art pieces at Barn 8, too, although it’s not as much of an eatery-in-a-museum spectacle as is Proof. Barn 8’s revamped horse barn, with private rooms in former stable stalls and design by Bittner’s, is art enough in its own right.

It’s about a half-hour drive out to Goshen from Louisville, but it’s a pretty drive on a long summer evening, straight out US 42 through fancy suburbs, forests and rolling farm fields. When you pass Francis Parker ...Read more