Consider the following a composite. One thing I’ve always tried to do is advocate for my segment. It means nothing negative to me if an everyday tavern in the middle of the Great Plains carries only mass-market beer. That’s because there are no expectations, on my part or theirs. But it’s different for the new generation of curated, collated and chic restaurants and bars. There’ll never come a time when I’m not triggered by the hushed availability of hand-tugged free-range goat’s milk for a mixed drink, while the beer list is comprised of AB-InBev mockrobrews, Coors Banquet, and various seltzers listed under the “local beer” column. Pretentiousness about certain other genres of alcoholic beverages, when inflicted on me at the expense of beer (my own specialty) by the peak influencers of our day, just plain gripes my cookies. Yes, pretentiousness is a word that might well have described me during selected moments in the past, and if so, these lapses probably stemmed from an intense frus ......Read more