Brianza Gardens and Winery is a little slice of heaven, with its picturesque setting of splendid vineyards and colorful gardens on a rich piece of land; it’s like a bit of Tuscany in Kentucky. Of course, as wine lovers, the real heaven comes from tasting their amazing and award-winning wines. Wine Tasting  Winery & Vineyard Tours  Locally Made Sausage, Cheese and Pretzels or BYOF Bring Your Own Food Live Music Saturdays & Sundays  Food Trucks on Saturday  Cottage and Bungalow Accommodations  Winery and Garden Weddings, Rehearsals and Receptions  Wine Club  Not Pet Friendly (but two beautiful Brittany Pups (Whiskey & Bourbon) roam the property)  Tony’s Journey to Brianza Winery After getting a degree in political science, Tony Parnigoni opened his first business at the age of 25: Marketplace Promotions.  It was the first business in the country to contract samples to grocery stores like Kroger and Winn Dixie.  Tony went on to own and sell several successful businesses, as well as work for an array of different companies such as Proctor and Gamble and Aramark, where he met his beautiful wife Deb. Deb and Tony Parnigoni Briana Gardnes & Winery-The Beginning Tony’s successful career led him to retire early so he could focus on building, literally from the ground up, this new business he is so passionate about. Tony purchased the farmland in Crittenden, Kentucky back in 2010, when the only thing standing on the property was an old farmhouse. Brianza, fittingly named after the northern province in Italy where Tony’s family originated from, officially opened for business in 2015, but not without Tony’s labor of love. Tony knew that, in order to be a successful winemaker, he would need to expand his knowledge beyond that of a wine connoisseur, so he thrust himself into research, soaking up every bit of knowledge he could find, including chemistry – which, Tony told us, is not his forte. He also worked closely with both the Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky, which have test plots and teams that help people like Tony, advising them on what grapes to grow, as well as how to plant, cultivate, and harvest them. Tony started growing his own grapes in 2012. He also sought guidance from Jim Wight, owner ofRead more