<div>Bourbon News & Notes: Kentucky Baijiu from Buffalo Trace, and the Cocktail Contessa’s Bramble Basil Julep</div>
BOURBON NEWS & NOTES – for 30 April 2021, by Susan Reigler The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection – A New Baijiu Style Spirit Release Although you may not have heard of Baijiu, it happens to be the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, thanks to its practically being the national spirit of China. It’s distilled principally from sorghum, a hardy crop that grows in a wide variety of climates, including Kentucky’s. Since 2006, Buffalo Trace’s master distiller Harlen Wheatley has maintained a distiller’s “lab” tinkering with barrel woods and sizes, as well as some non-traditional whiskey ingredients. (By his own admission, a bourbon containing rice in the mashbill was not a success.) Now he’s created a Baijiu style spirit aged in the manner of bourbon. He created a distillate of sorghum and peas (I am not making this up) and aged it for 11 years in three separate casks – uncharred white...Read more