<div>Bourbon News & Notes: Maker’s honors Margie Samuels; Woodford Derby bottles; and a Bourbon Mary for brunch</div>
BOURBON NEWS & NOTES – for 5 March 2021, by Susan Reigler Maker’s Mark Bottle Honors Founder Margie Samuels and Women’s History Month Maker’s Mark is celebrating Women’s History Month with a special commemorative edition featuring the likeness of Margie Samuels, the person responsible for the bourbon’s name and its bottle’s iconic design. A pewter collector, Samuels came up with the pewter maker-like seal embossed in the glass depicting an S (for Samuels), a star (Star Hill Farm, the site of the distillery) and the Roman numeral IV (for the generations of Samuels making bourbon) and determined that since the bourbon had a “mark of the maker” it should be called Maker’s Mark. She was inspired by the wax on French cognac bottles to use the red wax on the Maker’s bottles and experimented with different consistencies of wax in which the bottles are dipped. The label of the Margie Samuels Founder’s Bottle...Read more