Carali’s Rotisserie Chicken is bringing the Peruvian influence to Clarksville
If you’ve ever wondered about the name “Carali’s,” it’s a family mélange. Carali’s name shows the uniqueness of their amazing restaurant. CA is for Carlos (Owner), RA is for Rafael (Owner), and LI is for Rafael’s mother, Lidia, who has passed away. Lidia’s dream was to open a restaurant, and Carali’s has made that dream a reality. Carali’s launched in Jeffersontown in 2016, featuring hormone-free chicken roasted in a charcoal rotisserie oven and featuring a broad selection of Peruvian-influenced side dishes. The forthcoming location in Clarksville at 703 E. Lewis and Clark Parkway will be the company’s seventh in the metropolitan area. At the Courier Journal, Dahlia Ghabour has further details. Carali’s Rotisserie Chicken reopens in downtown, announces first Indiana restaurant Co-owner Rafael Dapello said he has lots of Indiana cus ......Read more