<div>Chef in a Box (July 28 & 29): The Fuelery, featuring executive chef Devon Rosenblatt and owner Andrew Cubbage</div>
The Fuelery: Devon Rosenblatt, executive chef (left) and Andrew Cubbage, owner (right). “To me, APRON Inc. is the inevitable result of having spent any substantial time in the service industry; it’s an empathy for what the person next to you is experiencing and the desire to help them through it. Inside of restaurants, industry workers do that for our guests with a great smile and conversation, beautiful and delicious food, and refreshing cocktails. We create an experience and put on a performance like we’re on-stage, allowing guests to momentarily forget about their troubles. But who takes care of us when the lights go off, the curtain closes, and the theater has shut down? APRON Inc., that’s who, and I’m proud to be working hand in hand with them to support my industry family right now.” — Devon Rosenblatt, executive chef at The Fuelery The Fuelery is next up for APRON Inc.’s Chef in...Read more