Chef in a Box (June 9 and 10): The Black Italian, with Chefs/Owners Paula and Anthony Hunter
We are so honored to be a part of Apron Inc. with their efforts to help rebuild and revitalize the community, and their generosity to help those who need it. Being a part of this initiative has encompassed everything we stand for to give back, as we have received so much support to help us through this pandemic. Apron Inc. has done so much for the restaurant families, and we are excited that we can be a small part in helping to make a difference through Chef in a Box. We are all family, and family helps family, so thank you Apron, for all you do! We hope we can continue this partnership in helping more of our families thrive! — Paula and Anthony Hunter, The Black Italian The Black Italian Griglia Cucina is next up for APRON Inc.’s Chef in a Box promotion, but first the bigger picture. Food & Dining Magazine...Read more