From the Comfy Cow:

The Comfy Cow announced the release of its newest seasonal ice creams, the Summer Lovin’ collection. The new collection will consist of six summertime inspired flavors available at all Comfy Cow scoop shops starting Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The flavors will be available while supplies last. The Summer Lovin’ Collection flavors are as follows:

Key “To My Heart” Lime Pie – Tart and tangy key lime ice cream with pieces of our very own, made-from-scratch key lime pie. So delicious you can almost feel the Florida breeze!

Say “Cheeeeeese” Cake – We’re talkin’ generous chunks of creamy New York style cheesecake in creamy cheesecake ice cream. Need we say more?

Pistachio – Loaded with tons of the very finest toasted pistachios blended into a creamy pistachio based ice cream. The salty and nutty flavor makes this a true summer indulgence!

The Bees Knees – Made especially for the Parklands of Floyd’s Fork Louisville, Bees Knees is about as natural a combination as rolling hills and pristine streams. Succulent honeycomb layered into sweet cream ice cream with sunflower seeds peppered throughout. Nature at its finest!

Moo Moo Cluster – Our homage to the amazing Goo Goo Clusters candy of Nashville, TN! A marshmallow based ice cream with chocolate covered peanut brittle and a marshmallow swirl.

Mango Sorbet – The perfect blend of fresh pureed mangos and smooth sorbet that is sure to provide that sweet and summery feeling you’ve been craving all winter long.