Coming in May: “Bourbon Is My Comfort Food,” a book by Heather Wibbels (The Cocktail Contessa)
In an article from 2020, our bourbon columnist Susan Reigler provides this introduction to Heather Wibbels. The Cocktail Contessa If you are looking to upgrade your at-home mixology skills, you’ll not have a better guide that Louisville-based Heather Wibbels, aka The Cocktail Contessa. Wibbels is passionate about cocktails, their history and concoction. After winning the amateur division of The Bourbon Women Association’s “Not Your Pink Drink” cocktail contest three years in a row, she was made the head judge for that organization’s annual contests. She also has a website,, filled with cocktail lore and recipes. And while her specialty is bourbon, there are some cocktails using other spirits, too. Among her recent posts have been “Core Values: Apple Bourbon Cocktail,” “How to Make Your Boulevardier Cocktail Perfect,” “Best Ice for Cocktails at Home,” “Best Manhattan Variations,”  and “5 Best Bourbons for Cocktails at Home.” The University Press of Kentucky adds that Wibbels “is an...Read more