<div>Copper & Kings Rooftop Bar and Restaurant opens with Chef Josh Lehman leading</div>
Copper & Kings Rooftop Bar and Restaurant (1121 E. Washington St. in Butchertown) has opened to the public. An information release offered a preview of what to expect. The Copper & Kings Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is an exploration of the many ways that brandy and other distilled spirits come to life through the medium of locally sourced, thoughtfully prepared fare, with an intimate dining room and covered rooftop deck that offers unmatched views of the Ohio River and Downtown Louisville. Josh Lehman. As an aside, please allow me to toss aside objectivity and warmly congratulate Chef Josh Lehman, who heads the kitchen at Copper & Kings Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, and opened NABC Bank Street Brewhouse with my team way back in 2009. According to Chef Lehman, “Every inch of this menu is influenced and inspired by Copper & Kings, from the distilling and aging techniques employed in the cellar, to the brand’s...Read more