Corned beef, cod and green mimosas (or, a few St. Paddy’s culinary highlights)
Sligo, Ireland (1985). I enjoy creating most of these daily food ‘n’ drink posts out of whole cloth, but life being hectic, creativity is periodically allowed to take a holiday – and St. Patrick’s Day is just such a break, as falling on Thursday this week, and giving us all a chance to indulge our inner Irish proclivities. Some potential destinations for a St. Patrick’s Day observance are more Irish than others. At Kevin Gibson’s blog, the Louisville writer offers a compendium: 8 Irish-Themed Bars for a Pint (or Three) This St. Patrick’s Day. But the sheer universality of the Irish experience means that a kitchen or bar need not be themed as such to join in the fun. Hence this list of local establishments chipping into the revelry with specials, as provided by their public relations firm, and quoted here verbatim. — Big Bad Breakfast, 984 Barret Ave. Big Bad Breakfast (BBB) will be offering green...Read more