Correction: Ada’s Kitchen and Catering is OPEN downtown for homestyle cooking
We made two embarrassing mistakes in the current print edition of Food & Dining Magazine (#75; Fall 2022), so kindly permit us to correct these errors. Here is what we wrote in our “Comings and Goings” column about Ada’s Kitchen and Catering. For a half-century Ada Smith cooked for Louisville. Smith cooked at her house, sold desserts from the trunk of her car, then spent 22 years preparing meals at the Red Cross building downtown before relocating to Ada’s Kitchen and Catering (214 W. Broadway) in 2019. Smith died at 84 in August, and although her restaurant isn’t coming back, she has bequeathed an astounding legacy to our city. Nothing has changed with regard to Ada Smith’s myriad contributions to the community; however, she actually passed away in July, not August, and Ada’s Kitchen & Catering most assuredly came back, closing for only a short bereavement period before resuming business in August. Ada Smith Now hear...Read more