Damn straight Guinness is good for you
One of the beer world’s most famous advertising slogans is “Guinness is good for you,” which dates to the 1920s and is credited to Dorothy Sayers. Although certain medical studies credit the positive effects of antioxidants in Stout, it has become taboo in Ireland to make claims of health benefits deriving from alcoholic beverages, and so we’re to surmise that the goodness of Guinness is grandfathered in. After all, “goodness” in the sense of emotional well-being cannot be measured by medical instruments. “Timelessness” also resists calibration. However, you damn well know it when you feel it. At some point during the approaching summer of 2023, it will have been 31 years since the first keg of Guinness was tapped at the Public House formerly known as Rich O’s (today known as the New Albanian Pizzeria & Public House). In point of fact, we were the first draft Guinness account in the history of Floyd County, Indiana. Shortly thereafter, Carlsberg Lager was added (to be followed by Pilsner Urquell) and still later, the rotating “middle tap” debuted with the long defunct Oldenberg’s Outrageous Bock. With this addition, the first keg box was complete, and everything the Public House was meant to be followed in the...Read more