Dining Trends Come And Sometimes Go

How can you tell when a trend has run its course? Yogi Berra had the right idea with his memorable observation, “Nobody goes there any more. It’s too crowded.”

Restaurant and culinary trends are sort of like that, too. A great new concept takes hold, catches fire, and before long everyone is doing it, some in slavish imitation, others adding their own riffs. And then everyone tires of the idea and we move on.

Except when we don’t. A month ago I devoted this space to a rant about culinary notions that would have been better left uninvented. Today let’s look at some restaurant trends that delighted us in their time, but that may (or may not) be past their best-by date by now.

Dining Trends Come And Sometimes Go
A pile of pickled red onions as garnish on a Riverence salmon fillet at Barn 8 triggered our food critic’s musings on food trends that come and go.

Quick pickled red onions

This all came to mind recently when I was enjoying an excellent dinner at Barn 8 Restaurant (LEO Weekly, August 17). Just about everything was outstanding, but I was ...Read more