<div>Edibles & Potables: A communist-era tramcar snack bar in Gdańsk, and more on Polish cuisine</div>
A bar on rails isn’t an entirely novel idea if we’re referring to passenger trains, but installing one on a tram — and in communist Poland, no less (from 1956-1960) — constitutes foodie esoterica of a much higher order: There used to be a bar on rails in Gdańsk, by Rafał Borowski (Trojmiasto). When you click the link, don’t be alarmed when the article appears in the Polish language. Merely deploy your browser’s translation function and read it in English. To clarify, in this instance “snack bar” probably is a more accurate term. Also, in America we know trams as streetcars or trolleys. You could eat a quick meal there and drink hot or cold drinks. Customers could make ......Read more