In 2023 we’re celebrating Food & Dining Magazine’s 20th birthday. Our forthcoming quarterly print edition will go into greater detail about this anniversary, but in the meantime, consider that our F&D website came later. Owner, publisher and chief bottle washer John Carlos White published the first-ever web site post on January 1, 2012. 365 Days of Chocolate As of this morning (16 April), there have been 3,424 posts at the web site, 1,301 of which I’ve authored since coming aboard as digital editor in June of 2019. But only 26 of them have been about the Kentucky Derby, counting today’s. That’s 1%, although only if we round up from .0075, and I can’t decide if this percentage is meaningful or not. Either way, we certainly can’t be accused of being front runners. Good, bad or indifferent, the Kentucky Derby is Louisville’s signature annual event. The same might be said of Oktoberfest in Munich, Rio de ......Read more