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I googled the term “trail tourism” without expecting the results to be quite this literal. As it turns out, trail tourism is quite the widespread concept, and has been for a while. But in retrospect, the ubiquity makes perfect sense. Ten Examples That Show Trail Tourism Works, by American Trails staff (American Trails) These ten stories show that trail tourism is invigorating communities throughout America. One major benefit of trail tourism is that it is money spent in rural towns and in more economically disadvantaged areas. Many of the people traveling to a trail and spending a night or more in the area are economically well off and have significant discretionary income. Wine trails began appearing after Prohibition, focusing winemakers on the idea of collective marketing weight as opposed to attrition from internecine competition. Later came adult beverage driven variants like Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, which was organized in 2008 with just five...Read more