<div>Edibles & Potables: “I got food, but I’m not a foodie” (2020)</div>
Prague food shop window, 1989. I don’t always repeat previous posts, but when I do, it generally occurs for one of two reasons: first, that there hasn’t been time to think of anything different to write, or second, the point of the original post is worth reinforcing. Both these conditions apply today. Many readers know that I have three jobs, or rather had them: Digital editor right here at Food & Dining Magazine, as well as director of all things beery at Pints&union in New Albany, and Common Haus Hall in Jeffersonville. As of February 17, Common Haus Hall is no more. It isn’t my place to offer post mortems, or to explicate the reasons for the German-themed restaurant and beer hall’s demise—especially now, when the wounds are still fresh. After all, they’re essentially the same reasons that always apply in situations like this. Trust me, you’ve heard them all before. But the experience has prompted much...Read more