<div>Edibles & Potables: Meat pies, locust beans, posset, and various other enticements</div>
Photo credit: Visiting Vienna. (It’s another installment of “The Wonderful World of Random Edibles & Potables”) Many years ago when I was traveling in Europe as a budget-conscious backpacker, street food was an option generally preferred to sit-down meals, which were reserved for special (read: more expensive) occasions. One of my favorite street corner dispensaries in Vienna, Austria was at the corner of Mariahilferstrasse and Museumplatz (today’s cover photograph, from 1997). A quick Google search reveals a vastly upgraded public space, now lamentably absent the eatery, but of course 24 years is a long, long time. It may have relocated. My snack of choice at this Imbiss was the Käsekrainer sausage, a fat, cheese-stuffed artery-buster served with a roll and mustard. I’d walk from the hostel near Westbahnhof train station, down Mariahilferstrasse to the Ringstrasse, then pause for a Käsekrainer for sustenance before exploring the historic Ringstrasse. Not all street food is sourced equally, and...Read more