Expert full detailed review for Stagg Jr. 23B, 127.8 Proof drink

Stagg Jr., a highly regarded line from Buffalo Trace Distillery, consistently offers robust and high-proof bourbon experiences that cater to enthusiasts seeking intensity and complexity. The 23B batch, bottled at 127.8 proof, promises to deliver the brand’s signature potency along with a unique flavor profile that stands out among its peers.


Stagg Jr. 23B, 127.8 Proof, exhibits a deep, rich amber color, indicative of its time spent maturing in charred oak barrels. The whiskey’s legs are slow-moving and thick when swirled in the glass, suggesting a viscous and full-bodied spirit. The presentation is classic yet bold, with the high proof prominently displayed, signaling the strength of the bourbon within.


On the nose, Stagg Jr. 23B presents a powerful array of aromas. The high proof is immediately noticeable, offering a robust alcoholic punch. As it opens up, rich notes of dark caramel and vanilla emerge, followed by an inviting wave of dark cherries and ripe plums. The oak influence is pronounced, adding layers of toasted wood, leather, and a hint of tobacco. Subtle undertones of cinnamon, clove, and a touch of dark chocolate complete the aromatic profile, making it both complex and enticing.


The first sip of Stagg Jr. 23B is a bold and intense experience. It begins with a pronounced sweetness, featuring flavors of brown sugar, toffee, and maple syrup. This initial sweetness is quickly balanced by a surge of spicy notes, including black pepper, cloves, and a hint of cayenne, which provide a warming and invigorating sensation.

Mid-palate, the bourbon reveals additional layers of complexity. Rich notes of dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and smoky oak come to the forefront, underpinned by a subtle earthiness. Despite its high proof, the whiskey maintains a surprisingly smooth and creamy mouthfeel, showcasing the quality of its distillation and aging process. Adding a few drops of water can help open up the flavors further, mellowing the heat and allowing the more nuanced notes to shine through.


The finish of Stagg Jr. 23B is long, warm, and satisfying. It leaves a lingering spiciness on the palate, complemented by a residual sweetness that fades slowly. The oak and leather notes persist, joined by a hint of dark fruit and a touch of dark chocolate. The finish is both intense and well-balanced, providing a gratifying conclusion to each sip.

Expert full detailed review for Stagg Jr. 23B, 127.8 Proof drink

Stagg Jr. 23B, 127.8 Proof, is a stellar example of high-proof bourbon done right. It combines intensity with complexity, delivering a rich and multi-layered experience that will delight seasoned bourbon drinkers. While its high proof may be daunting for novices, those who appreciate the depth and nuance of a well-crafted bourbon will find much to admire in this release.

Pairing Suggestions

Given its bold and intense flavor profile, Stagg Jr. 23B pairs exceptionally well with hearty and rich foods. Consider enjoying it with a char-grilled steak, barbecued ribs, or aged cheeses. For dessert, dark chocolate truffles or a spiced pecan pie can complement its sweetness and spice. Additionally, its complexity makes it an excellent companion to a fine cigar, enhancing both the drinking and smoking experience.

Overall Rating

Stagg Jr. 23B, 127.8 Proof, deserves high praise for its robust and intricate flavor profile, smooth mouthfeel, and long, satisfying finish. It stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of Buffalo Trace Distillery and is highly recommended for bourbon enthusiasts seeking an intense and rewarding experience. This batch is a worthy addition to any collection and exemplifies the excellence of the Stagg Jr. line.