Fantasy football drafts, 2022: Real food, cold brews and Buffalo Wild Wings
The Food & Dining team includes a lot of crazy football fans who will soon immerse themselves in our annual fantasy football team drafts. How crazy are we? We run and sponsor three leagues and hold three separate parties on three separate days to manage the madness. Probably better than any other restaurant company, Buffalo Wild Wings has catered to fantasy gridiron leagues by creating free fantasy football draft kits for up to 20 people. Kits include several very useful items, like a huge draft board that can accommodate 14 team leagues and tickers identifying every NFL player. These FREE draft kits are available while supplies last. Just call your neighborhood BW3 and schedule the draft party. For the 33 million people who play fantasy football, the draft is half the fun. That’s why F&D has made B-Dubs our draft headquarters. F&D’s Insider Tip: The Jamaican Jerk sauce is absolutely worth trying; just have...Read more