For NYE, Falls City is living on Greenwich Mean Time
Pre-COVID statistics illustrate the place of New Year’s Eve in the pantheon of America’s holidays. About 15 percent of Americans will go to public events or parties this New Year’s Eve. Others will celebrate with family or at home. Data from WalletHub shows that at least 3 percent won’t celebrate it at all (and 12 percent fall asleep before midnight in their time zone). It’s not America’s favorite holiday … in fact, WalletHub says it’s fourth in line behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. In the NYE context, your F&D digital editor counts himself as a 12-percenter, and that’s why clever events like Falls City’s resonate. 2022 has to be better, right? RIGHT?! Join us on New Year’s Eve as we turn the page and countdown to 2022 according to the the party going on in London, England. We will be streaming the celebration from England for a ball drop at 7pm! That’s so...Read more