Hauck’s Corner preview, 52nd Annual World Championship Dainty Contest
There’s a lot to unpack here, so to begin, let’s define our terms for the benefit of those out-of-towners who might be scratching their heads. What is Schnitzelburg, anyway? Schnitzelburg is a special part of the larger area of Louisville known as Germantown. While all of Germantown includes the area roughly bound by Breckinridge St., Shelby St., Eastern Pkwy., and Beargrass Creek, Schnitzelburg is the southwest (Shelby and Eastern Pkwy.) corner of the larger area. Traditionally, Schnitzelburg was defined by the loop of the old Portland-Shelby bus, and before that by a mule drawn car that made the same loop. The loop began at Shelby and Goss, and went out Shelby to Burnett, Burnett to Texas, Texas to Goss and back to Shelby. And, how might the 52nd Annual World Championship Dainty Contest and Dainty Fest be described? A German street game. A cherished tradition. On the last Monday in July, Schnitzelburg crowds onto...Read more