Hip Hops: Against the Grain’s pro-am Burgoo Bowl, March 19
Herein beer is the weekly topic at hand, and yet the month of March always reminds us that liquid bread is a Lenten loophole, or so the 17th century monks at Cloister Neudeck ob der Au in Bavaria determined during the course of formulating the full-bodied, caloric, dietary supplement that eventually came to be known as Salvator, in the style of Doppelbock. Then again, skirting carefully around personal religious perspectives, not everyone observes the 40-day fast for Lent, and consequently Against the Grain’s inaugural Burgoo Bowl cookoff in years to come might resemble a veritable festivus for the rest of us (spring edition). For those who have somehow remained unaware of Against the Grain’s storied existence, AtG currently has six physical locations in Louisville encompassing three breweries, three kitchens, and three distinct food menus, alongside space enough for televised sports, poetry readings, Saturday Night Fever gyrations, and in a pinch, maybe even...Read more