Hip Hops: Gallant Fox’s expansion leads a full slate of Kentucky beer news
Baseball is back. In this flashback to 1997 (left) at the home opener of the St. Louis Cardinals, Schlafly Beer’s owner Tom Schlafly made a clever point about better beer availability at the ballyard by wheeling a keg into the former Busch Stadium. Now, that’s distributing your own beer, the old-fashioned way. Meanwhile it’s only April, but so far the year 2021 has been a momentous for Kentucky brewers. Heading the agenda is bipartisan legislative relief in the form of Senate Bill 15 allowing self-distribution, with small breweries now able to sell and deliver beer (up to 2,500 barrels) directly to retailers, bypassing the wholesale tier. At Louisville Business First, Against the Grain’s Sam Cruz mentioned an under-appreciated aspect of this example of bipartisan legislative relief, signed into law by Governor Beshear. Pointing out that AtG is large enough to need and maintain good relationships with area wholesalers, Cruz said the legislation also helps...Read more