Hip Hops: Is that a real dancing chicken hat, or is that a Sears dancing chicken hat?
I went out for a walk right after dinner on Halloween evening in the hope of stretching my legs prior to barricading two humans and three cats safely inside our house in preparation for the kids coming out to panhandle for sweets. Because: Why wait for Christmas to indulge one’s inner Grinch? Avoiding the children was easy, but their adults were more of a challenge. In mid-stroll, rounding the corner by the shotgun house masquerading as an end-times church, I bumped into my neighbor Bill. He was decked out in Bavarian-standard Lederhosen, all straps, buttons, studs and fake leather, right down to the feather in a green Alpine hat and a Karo brand cigarette dangling from his lips. “Gooden Tack,” Bill said. “I’d offer you a refreshing Warsteiner Festbier, but I didn’t want to risk drinking in public, so I’m just carrying the empty can around so I don’t look stupid.” “Um, no worries there,”...Read more