Hip Hops: Ist das nicht ein (Mile Wide) Schnitzelbank?
Photo credit: Milwaukee Record. Are there questions about “The Schnitzelbank Song”? If so, you’ll find answers here. We translated the Mader’s “Schnitzelbank” poster, by Josh Hoppert (Milwaukee Record) “The Schnitzelbank Song” is a silly song that was written and passed along by German immigrants in the United States in the 1800s. It’s simple and repetitive and has a variety of basic terms, making it great for teaching German to children. It also makes for a tremendous drinking song. Which is to say that conventional wisdom is a variable concept. Two consecutive Facebook posts by Mile Wide Beer Co. might illustrate this point, unless they don’t. March 24: “You folks are in for a treat! You’ve tried several variants in our Frivolous Ideation series of Pastry Stouts. But, now are you ready for Fruit-olous Ideation? It’s an Imperial Stout aged in Castle & Key Rye Whiskey barrels with raspberries and marionberries!” March 25: “Ahh, Schnitzelbank, our light and...Read more