Hip Hops: Like I was saying, Oktoberfest in July, Halloween in … January?
Oktoberfest, Munich, 1989. The following installment of our weekly beer dialogue first appeared on August 17, 2020, and is being reheated today (bei stovetop, nicht microwave) because of two excellent reasons: (1) it remains relevant, and (2) I was busy the past weekend finishing a profile for the forthcoming fall edition of Food & Dining Magazine and didn’t have time to conjure something new. Will the new norm of shipping delays affect imported Oktoberfest beers this year? Every ordering cycle is a new reality, and we’ll learn the answer yesterday.  Even before climate change became a heated barstool topic back in the days when we could still sit at the bar and be topical absent quarantine, Ohio Valley summers were just as capable of attaining high levels of humid discomfort, although admittedly these sieges didn’t last as long as they do now. The advent of air conditioning solved the problem – and also...Read more