Hip Hops: New breweries, a Bock fest in NuLu, Common Haus and Starkbierzeit
“Hip Hops” isn’t a column about nothing (with apologies to the creators of television’s Seinfeld). These weekly scribblings are about beer, in which 2022 marks my 40th year, shall we say, of intimate involvement. In consequence, my series of sporadic flashbacks continues. 40 Years in Beer, Part Six: The K & H Forever (Lanesville Prelude) 40 Years in Beer, Part Seven: The K & H Forever (Heartland Adagio) In my early twenties, affiliated lessons on the nature of community spirit and cooperation came to me in a neighboring town, while I was seated on a barstool. As proof of what the Reidys in Louisville have been saying at their Irish Rover eatery ever since I’ve known them, it was a case of the pub as a poor man’s university. In terms of time management, I must concede to having recently been overtaken by my duties as head of the Bierabteilung (Beer Department) at Common...Read more