Hip Hops: Pride Month, Craft Bash, beer style calcification, and more
The Summer 2023 issue of Food & Dining Magazine — our 20th Anniversary issue — is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online. On those rare occasions when I’m compelled to visit the LinkedIn site (which invariably leave me yearning for a drink, or maybe eighteen) I always notice the acronym “MBA” littering the digital landscape not unlike all those discarded plastic cups in the grandstands after a ballgame. MBwhat? It stands for Master of Beer Advocacy, right? I mean, what else could the letters possibly signify? This brings me to Jeff Alworth; if anyone is a masterful beer advocate, it’s him. In my view, Alworth is a great beer writer because he always makes the reader think, and no single piece of beer writing of late has compelled me to ponder quite as deeply as Alworth’s essay, “Did the pursuit of beer ‘styles’ lead us...Read more