Hip Hops: R.I.P. Gerhard Schoolman—and the annual passing nod to St. Paddy
The Spring 2023 issue of Food & Dining Magazine is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online. The unique and beguiling Café Abseits in Bamberg, Germany has passed into history, its 19th century storefront filled by a startup Indian restaurant, which in itself is no bad thing even if one is more disposed toward the consumption of Kellerbier than Aloo Gobi. During its lengthy heyday Café Abseits was a must-visit beer bar in a city filled with exceptional breweries, starting as a quintessential student hangout in 1982, then as the years passed, gradually taking on the character and interests of co-founder Gerhard Schoolman. A fellow contrarian and beer aficionado, Schoolman spotted a profoundly under-valued niche during the late 1990s, choosing to promote amazing beers from the many small breweries dotting the countryside near Bamberg, as well as a select few produced by the  Weyermann malting house’s tiny ...Read more