Hip Hops: The Reinheitsgebot matters, except when it doesn’t
Old-school Minneapolis. Greeting from Minneapolis, where we’re spending my birthday week. The Beer Hall at Surly Brewing is a ten minute walk from our Airbnb. There’ll be a couple of Twins games, Hmong cuisine and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. As for this week’s beer column, it is inspired by a question I’ve received several times since the launch of Common Haus earlier this year. As always, thanks for reading. I remember the day, many years ago, when my German friend drew a line in the sand. We were debating the merits of a blueberry chocolate stout, long before such hybridized stylistic creations became the daily norm in craft beer. “It just isn’t right,” he said. “According to the Reinheitsgebot, you must use only grain, hops and water to make beer—not berries, chocolate, pumpkins, chili peppers, or coffee!” My German friend was correct, insofar as he understood the present day applicability of the Reinheitsgebot, or Bavarian...Read more