Hip Hops: Two good beer guys on the edge, and their podcast
Ugh. Readers, how about a (real) beer for a change? Now if you’ll excuse me, a nice hot shower. Last November beer writers John Holl and Andy Crouch launched Beer Edge, “offering a multimedia platform from which to deliver quality, entertaining, and informative beer content for the engaged, interested reader and listener,” and further providing “a fresh and unfiltered look at the world of better, flavorful beer.” I’m a big fan of Andy’s work even if we have not met; concurrently, let the record show that the pinnacle of my beer writing career occurred when John and his writing partner Nate Schweber allowed me to contribute the forward to their 2011 book, Indiana Breweries. Given the quadrupling (quintupling?) of Hoosier breweries in the nine years since, it might as well have been 1811 when I made John’s acquaintance. In the forward I wrote about the hardscrabble decade of the 1990s in the beer...Read more