Hip Hops: What makes Goodwood’s new lager Mexican?
 Say what you will about Frank Sinatra, but the guy could sing. Say what you will about Stone Brewing—go ahead and say it, but I may just offer a corrective.  Last month, F&D’s founder and publisher John Carlos White called to discuss the next print issue (Fall 2022; Sept-Oct-Nov). John asked me for a 1,500 word survey of Louisville area craft brewing, which grew to well north of 6,000 words by the time I finished. I was surprised, too. Now the process has started whereby John and editor-in-chief Marty Rosen determine which of these words matter, and some or all of them will comprise an expanded “state of Louisville craft beer” article in the coming issue. As noted therein, today there are somewhere between 33 and 38 craft breweries open for business in greater Louisville, with at least two others on the way, depending on how one chooses to count taprooms without a brewing...Read more