I scream, You scream, We all scream, For ICE CREAM! That’s a song I remember singing as a child growing up in the 70s. The song, written by Fred Waring in 1927, still holds a special place in my heart today. Singing it always made me happy because it almost always meant there was soon to be a frozen treat in my hand. Ice cream has been and always will be my go-to dessert — and if I’m being completely honest, it could be my whole meal. That’s how much I love it, which is why Louisville Cream “Small Batch Ice Cream” located in Louisville’s Nulu neighborhood is my new favorite place. Ice Cream History Though no one truly knows who invented this delicious treat, ice cream has been said to date back as far as Roman Emperor Nero in A.D 54-68 or possibly China’s King T’ang of Shang A.D. 618-907. Alexander the Great even enjoyed his own version of ice cream with snow and ice flavored honey and nectar. That just goes to show that ice cream in any form is a scrumptious treat we all crave — even kings and emperors. Ice Cream Memories Ice cream makes me happy — and for anyone who knows me, you know I love sharing things that make me happy. Treating others to ice cream is one of my favorite things to do. Watching their excitement as they take their time choosing a flavor brings joy to my heart. Louisville Cream co-owner Lynette Ruby agrees. When asked what memory ice cream first sparked in her, she replied, “Ice cream makes me think of not only a treat, but the independence of choosing! You might be a kid, but it’s your choice from all of these sweets. It’s so exciting trying to decide your flavor, and maybe getting a sample or two. Sampling with the tiny spoons was classy, elegant, and refined —  a whole experience in itself — and then you walk away with your favorite choice!” Chrissy Enjoys a Cone My kids are definitely ice cream fanatics, especially my girl. I’m not sure Chrissy has met an ice cream flavor that she hasn’t loved yet. Mitch on the other hand has his go-to flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip. Ted prefers a fruity sorbet or slush — he’s a juice guy. If he indulges in ice cream, raspberry is his flavor of choice. White Chocolate Raspberry Courtesy of Louisville Cream’s Instagram There was a reason Willy Wonka created such a magical place for kids. Sweet treats like ice cream are just fun. Lynette said the most fun for her is using a blow torch on the marshmallow or caramelized bananas. “The fire addsRead more