It’s been an exciting week in the world of drinking and dining, and Steve and Rick are back with a few good tales from the bar. First, we showcase the Junior League event at Equus that Rick attended, hearing from Dean Corbett about the entertaining history of his restaurant and all about the four courses served. Steve’s been on a whirlwind trip around the Commonwealth this week, but made sure to be back to participate in the Kentucky Bourbon Affair and Whisky Live.

The sad truth is that workers in the restaurant industry are susceptible, like anyone else, to the scourge of heroin. The recent death by overdose of a local worker reminds us of the toll addiction takes on our society.

Steve and Rick also share their favorite culinary and spirits indulgences, and talk about some local news. Steve’s guest, Michael Reidy, is the colorful Irishman behind the success of The Irish Rover, and comes on the show to discuss a special series of dishes being served on Frankfort Avenue. Rick stopped in to the Marriott East to share a sip with Whisky Live organizer Dave Sweet as he geared up of the international event being held right here in the River City.

Whisky Live’s Dave Sweet
At the Irish Rover, Michael Reidy